Cucamonga Peak

Happy Tuesday everyone! This most recent Sunday I summited Cucamonga Peak which is #2 of the Six-Pack of Peaks (This was my 4th out of the 6!). I did not even know this Peak existed until a couple months ago, which is surprising since it is right next to Mount Baldy which is probably one … More Cucamonga Peak

Cal Lu Hikes!

As most of you know Chloe, Stefanie and I attend Cal Lutheran University. This summer Stefanie proposed the idea of starting a hiking club in order to get more students involved with hiking and see the area. We started planning right away and luckily our club was approved very quickly. We decided we would plan … More Cal Lu Hikes!

7 Reasons I Hike

           Lately whenever I run into someone they tell me things like “Oh, What’d you do this weekend? Wait let me guess, you went hiking…” or “I see you’ve been doing a lot of hiking…” and sometimes even “I don’t get why you hike so much…” Making it seem like it’s … More 7 Reasons I Hike