Sullivan Canyon

This most recent Sunday, Padre and I set out to find a new trail in the LA area that would challenge us mileage wise. Padre found online the Sullivan Canyon trail so we headed over to Pacific Palisades to explore this new trail for us.


This trail is definitely very difficult to find! This trail is hidden behind a residential area and it can be a little tricky finding parking. We parked at the corner of Capri and Amalfi, however the trail is on Casale road. From Capri drive, you will take a left on Casale road and at the end of the road is the trail head. It is paved for a couple miles in the beginning but eventually the trail begins and the road is no longer paved. You definitely need to be very aware of your surroundings throughout the entire hike because there are tons of bikers and cars!

After about a mile and half of paved road, tons of cars and not really a trail setting, we reached what looked like a trail and continued on our journey. This initial 1.5 miles was mostly flat, with some incline randomly. but after the pavement ended, the hike definitely increased in steepness. I would not really consider this hike very steep but there is definitely a difference compared to the beginning.


I was not a big fan of the paved section of the trail but once we began on the dirt path I began to enjoy the hike a lot more. We eventually reached a large tree and were given two options to continue the hike, either to the left which seemed to be decreasing in elevation, or straight and much more steep. We chose to go straight to do some incline work and be able to see more of the city.


If you decide to go straight up the hill please be aware of oncoming bikers! A lot of people were riding their bikes down and gaining speed! It would be horrible to run into one of these bikes so we tried to stay more on the side of the trail, rather than walking directly on the bike paths that had been created.


After walking uphill, the trail flattened and if we had continued on we would have eventually started hiking downhill. We hiked a little over 4 miles and decided to take a break. From the trail we were able to see Mount Wilson, Mount Baldy and Downtown LA! It’s always fun recognizing mountains and places from a trail! We could continue hiking and eventually reach Reseda Blvd. all the way in Tarzana, but we decided to turn around to make our total hike 8.5 miles.


Overall, I would say this hike is OK. It’s fun to see somewhere new but the cars, bikers, and the paved road including graffiti, did not really add much enjoyment to the hike. Definitely a good place to work on mileage and once you make it out a couple miles the views are much better, but I don’t plan on coming back here anytime soon. Also, keep in mind that this trail does not offer any shade, so if you plan on coming here anytime soon, especially as it gets hotter, plan to bring a lot of water and sunscreen! Happy hiking!

written by @danny3402

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