And We’re Back! Las Llajas Trail

Hi everyone! I know it’s been awhile since we’ve posted. Unfortunately we haven’t hiked as much due to all the rain we had at the beginning of this year, but now that the rain has calmed down, we are all back to our regular schedules and hiking as much as possible.

This most recent weekend I hiked the Las Llajas trail in Simi Valley. Padre and I chose this trail so we could start off with something easy and flat to just get back into the swing of things.


The Las Llajas trail is located up in the hills of Simi Valley and starts in a residential area. There are some signs posted, including information for a hiking club that meets up weekly! I love seeing groups get together to hike so it was really exciting to see there is a hiking club that meets in Simi Valley.

The trail is paved in the beginning of the hike and can lead three different ways, to the left, right, and straight up-hill. This was my first time hiking this trail so Padre and I decided to make a right and see if we could find anyone who knew the trail better. We found a couple people who told us we were all on the right trail and that we could go as far as the Chumash trail to reach the end point of the trail! We decided we would walk 4 miles each way and see as much as we could.


Overall, the area was very green and had nice hills surrounding the trail. The majority of the hike was flat, however, after about 3.5 miles you must take a right to continue onto the trail and this is when the hike becomes more steep. We only hiked for about .5 miles on the steep portion in order to reach our 4 mile goal and then we turned around to hike a total of 8 miles. From what we were able to see, it looked like the trail would continue at an incline for a bit longer and then eventually return to a flat hike.


I would definitely come back to this trail, especially if I am looking to do something easier and work on mileage rather than elevation gain. The thing I love about trails like the Las Llajas trail is that you can make the hike as difficult as you’d like. If you want to have a short, flat hike then you can walk several miles and have a very nice enjoyable relaxed time, if you are looking for more of a challenge then there is definitely opportunity to go as far out as you’d like and explore more of the Simi Valley hills!


I hope you find some time to check out the Las Llajas trail and see how pretty the area is now that we’ve had some rain! I will definitely be back to do some more exploring and see where else the trail leads!

written by @danny3402

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