Los Leones Hike

Last Sunday Padre, Stefanie and I went to Malibu to hike the Los Leones trail. Our original plan was to summit San Bernardino Peak but unfortunately we were unable to embark on that trail so we opted for a beautiful, local hike. This hike was very calm and had amazing views the entire 10 miles we hiked. Overall, this hike is great for beginners or for more advanced hikers that want a nice and easy recovery hike.

Los Leones Trail

We began our journey at 8:30am where we met at the trailhead. This area was very nice as it had a clean bathroom right next to the trailhead and signage about the wildlife in the area. The beginning of the trail was mostly shady and had a slight and steady incline. As we continued on through the green trail, we eventually turned the corner and had amazing views of Malibu and the beach. This lookout was about 1.5 miles from the start of the trail.


After spending some time taking pictures and enjoying the view of the ocean, we continued on the trail to the reach the overlook. This section was definitely more steep but did not last long and was worth all the booty work because the views were stunning! The overlook at the top of the trail showcased all of Malibu.

Trail to overlook

At this point we had hiked about 3.5 miles so we decided to continue on for a little longer. There are several options to lengthen the hike, so we decided to continue on the current trail we were on and explore what else the trail had to offer. This portion of the hike did not have many views of the ocean and instead overlooked the mountains and valleys of Malibu. We continued on until we hiked 5 miles and decided to turn around at that point in order to hike a total of 10 miles.


Overall, this trail is very beautiful and is great for anyone. I would definitely recommend visiting this trail to see all the nice views and enjoy the easy hike. This area is also nice to spend time in after the hike as you are so close to Santa Monica and LA. I had a great time hiking Los Leones and I will be back again! Happy hiking!!

written by @danny3402

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