Hollywood Sign and Wisdom Tree Hike


This past Sunday, Oct. 30th, Cal Lu Hikes took on the famous Hollywood Sign and Wisdom Tree Hike. This is an easy 8.9 mile hike, not too much elevation gain but this is a must  if you live in the area! I was really looking forward to this hike since I had spent the last two weeks in bed or studying. You see, a few weeks ago I began getting horrible chest pains and awful headaches, the kind you couldn’t get rid of with a few aspirin. I knew what it was, my pleurisy had come back, and even though I knew what the cause was, the pain was so bad I had to go to the ER. After a few tests, the doctor diagnosed me with Costochondritis. For those of you who don’t know, pleurisy is an inflammation of the tissues that line the lungs and chest cavity, while costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone. Both are very painful and get worse with deep breaths…so there I had it, asthma, pleurisy, and costochondritis…I wasn’t sure how to react to this but I made the decision to stop exercising for a few days. I went two weeks without hiking which is why I was so pumped to go on this hike!!! I figured this was the perfect way to ease back into it.

We met up at Cal Lu at 6:30am then drove 45min to the trailhead.  We didn’t hit any traffic since it was a Sunday morning. At first, I was a bit worried we weren’t going to find parking; thankfully, there weren’t many cars and we found a spot! We began on Canyon Drive, then followed the road up to the trail and began to hike! I expected there to be a lot of people on the trail that day since it wasn’t too hot, but there wasn’t! It was a fairly empty trail in the beginning which was nice. We didn’t run into a lot of people but we did run into A LOT of horse poop. Last time I went on this trail I remember it being nice and clean! I guess the horses really had to let it out. We continued to follow the signs until we reached a road, the right path leads to the back of the Hollywood Sign, the left leads to the front of the sign. We decided to go to the front of the sign first! Once there, we took some pictures, enjoyed the city view, then headed onto our next stop: the back of the Hollywood sign!


We made our way back to the road and headed to the trail that leads to the back of the sign. On this trail we got great views of the Pasadena/San Gabriel Mountains and all of Burbank! It wasn’t too long until we reached the top, there was a great view and a nice breeze! This is where we saw a few more people, there seemed to be another big group there too! Everyone took some pictures and enjoyed a snack before making our way to the Wisdom Tree!

On the way down from the Hollywood Sign, to the left, there’s a sign for the Hugh Heftner Overlook. We took that path to Mt.Lee continuing onto Aileen Getty Ridge Trail which led us to Cahuenga Peak then the Wisdom Tree! At Wisdom Tree we found a box with pens and paper, some of our members wrote down what they learned throughout this hike which was pretty awesome!

After spending a bit of time by the tree, we noticed it was starting to sprinkle, we knew it was time to head back to our car. We took the same trail back, three of us were lucky enough to make it back to the car before the rain picked up. Others weren’t so lucky and they got a little wet! Personally, I liked this hike better when it was sunny just because there was a nice clear view! But overall, this was a great hike, I was really happy I was able to finish it without any issues.  This made me realize how fortunate I am to still be able to hike, I feel ready to take on a bigger hike! How big…? Well, Cal Lu Hikes will be summiting Mt. Wilson on Nov. 6th!

Now here are some pictures from my first time doing this trail!

Start of hike: Click here to get directions 🙂

Written by: @ssixtos

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