Cal Lu Hikes!

As most of you know Chloe, Stefanie and I attend Cal Lutheran University. This summer Stefanie proposed the idea of starting a hiking club in order to get more students involved with hiking and see the area. We started planning right away and luckily our club was approved very quickly. We decided we would plan several hikes in the surrounding area in order to showcase what SoCal has to offer in terms of hiking. We have only had two hikes thus far, Sandstone Peak and Echo Mountain to Inspiration Point and both have been very successful! We have had 10 students attend each hike which seems to be an ideal number in order to keep everyone together and not have too many people ahead or behind. We plan to go to the Hollywood Sign and Wisdom Tree, Mount Wilson, Cucamonga Peak and Mt. Baldy this semester, as well as possibly shorter hikes nearby campus.

Sandstone Peak hike: Mishe Mokwa Trail

I have been very excited about the club because of the people we have met. Although it’s my senior year, it is never too late to meet new people and I am definitely making new friends through this club. We have members that range in majors, age and experience, which makes the club that much more fun and diverse. I love hearing about people’s stories, goals and passions while we are hiking. It reminds me of how hiking brings people together, connects us as human beings and reminds us of our foundation and roots.

Echo Mountain

This year has definitely been a game changer when it comes to hiking. I have been hiking for many years now  but now that I have committed to the 52 hike challenge and this club my life has become more involved with hiking. At times hiking had lost its excitement for me, sometimes I don’t want to go to sleep early on a weekend, wake up before the sun is up and walk for miles and miles. This club has reminded why I started hiking in the first place. Hiking has taught me the value of discipline, committing to a task, never giving up, and respect for myself, others and the mountains. Hiking teaches me lessons that nothing else can. I have dedicated hundreds of hours to hiking and there is not a single hike I have ever regretted. I hope this club leaves an impact on these students that will teach them lessons they can’t learn on campus or in the classroom. My goal for this club is to show off the beautiful views but also to have these new friends understand what they are capable of and what you can learn from the mountains. Sharing my passion with others has really reminded me of why I do what I do and I can’t wait to go on more hikes with this club!

Sandstone Peak


written by @danny3402

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