Welcome to Girls That Hike

Welcome to our page Girls That Hike! My name is Daniella and I am one of the co-founders of Girls That Hike. I have lived in southern California my whole life and have been blessed with the beautiful outdoors, and heat, that SoCal has to offer. My love for hiking began when I was 16 years old. My dad and I started to explore the San Fernando Valley and eventually moved on to bigger and better mountains such as Mt. Baldy, San Gorgonio, Mt. Wilson and Mt. Whitney. I am lucky to have such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable dad who has taught me so much about the mountains. Recently I met Stefanie and Chloe, pictured above, who have been interested in the outdoors and are ready to explore the area. We hike every weekend together and have even started a club at California Lutheran University, where we attend, dedicated to hiking.

Our goal for this blog is to create a community where women feel welcomed and empowered to reach their goals. We want this blog to be a place to share experiences, reviews of hikes and gear and overall motivate others who share the same passion that we do!


Follow us on instagram @girls_that_hike and stay tuned for many blog posts from all founders!

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